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Bone Dry Pro


Concrete Moisture Mitigation System with 20 Year warranty against failures caused by concrete moisture. 

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Bone Dry is a custom manufacturer of various sealers and coatings.

Why Choose Bone Dry

Better Than Other So-Called Penetrating Sealers

The secret to effectively sealing concrete with any silicate based material is to get the silicate to access as much of the free lime and alkali present within all concrete. Bone Dry contains a proprietary blend of resins and surfactants, which act as catalysts to facilitate creating a barrier against moisture, vapor, and water.

Minimal Wait Time

Following application of Bone Dry, you can work on the slab almost immediately. This creates minimal downtime on your job.

Recent News

Moisture Mitigation Products for Concrete Flooring

Penetrating Concrete Sealers Prevent Floor Covering Failures on New and Existing Concrete

When your Calcium Chloride (CaCl) test comes back higher than acceptable or the concrete’s relative humidity level is greater than 80%, you’ve got a serious problem. The critical path of construction schedule does not give you time to wait another month for the concrete to continue curing and drying.

Bone Dry has been the solution to CaCl and RH troubles in new and existing concrete.

A water based, penetrating concrete sealer, Bone Dry Pro penetrates through the concrete surface, fills the capillaries in the slab and produces a barrier within the concrete. The result is a permanent waterproof barrier protecting the floor coverings from moisture damage. Properly applied, Bone Dry prevents moisture based failures with their warranty for 20 years.

Protect Vinyl Floor Coverings against Failure with Bone Dry

Most flooring contractors will not warranty an installation if the RH level is above 80%. Solvent-free adhesive bases such as water, latex and acrylic for vinyl floors will fail if moisture permeates up through the slab. Excessive moisture infiltration will cause the adhesive to emulsify and fail.

There are two main reasons why moisture becomes a problem. Either the slab is new and was not allowed enough time to cure and/or dry properly before the adhesive was applied or it can be an existing slab without a membrane beneath it.

Regardless of which situation you face, the answer is the same: Bone Dry Pro.

Our water based penetrating concrete sealer was designed specifically for use in large scale moisture mitigation operations to prevent the failure of floor coverings installed on concrete slabs. If you are facing a tight construction deadline or need to remediate an existing slab with moisture problems, you need Bone Dry Pro.

Stay on Schedule with Bone Dry’s Quick and Easy Installation

On any construction site or business location, every day of inactivity costs thousands of dollars. Whether you’re on a tight deadline to get the RH below 85% or find the sheet vinyl flooring in a hallway is starting to curl, you need to mitigate the problem quickly and permanently.

Bone Dry Pro is applied with an airless garden type sprayer and is non toxic and odorless.

Using Bone Dry proto seal concrete can literally shave weeks off the building schedule and save thousands of dollars off the total cost. Unlike products designed to cure and seal the concrete, Bone Dry Pro will create a moisture barrier, provide a more uniform cure of the concrete, eliminate concrete dusting and densify the concrete.

Bone Dry: The Epoxy Moisture Mitigation Alternative

Two part epoxies are a common solution to moisture problems in concrete. Unfortunately for contractors, they are very expensive per square foot and take several days to apply. Bone Dry Pro, on the other hand, can be as little as 25% the cost of an epoxy. It is applied very quickly and, as stated above, comes with a 20 year warranty against moisture related problems.

Additionally, epoxies require grinding or shot blasting before application. Bone Dry Pro does not require surface preparation unless the slab is hard troweled or there is existing adhesive or sealer on the concrete.

Bone Dry Pro is clearly the superior choice for sealing concrete against moisture. You’ll save significantly on material costs up front and fewer hours will be invested in preparing the slab and applying the product. Also, construction can continue sooner and potentially help you receive early completion incentive bonuses.

Concrete Moisture Mitigation System: Everything Delivered in One Convenient Package

With tight construction deadlines, architects and contractors don’t have time to waste gathering all the products they need to solve a moisture problem. Bone Dry now offers the complete Bone Dry Pro System: everything you need to solve your moisture problem, delivered in one shipment.

All you need to do is call Bone Dry and let us know the square footage, whether the slab is hard troweled, new or existing, and what type of flooring you want to install. We’ll supply the products you need to have your floor installed quickly, easily and with a 20 year warranty against moisture.

Our system includes absolutely everything you’ll need to waterproof the slab and apply your floor covering. You’ll receive enough Bone Dry Pro for the project, sprayers to apply it, Etch-A-Crete if you have hard troweled concrete, adhesive for sheet vinyl, VCT, LVT or carpet tile and freight to your jobsite.

Contact Bone Dry Products to order penetrating concrete moisture mitigation products.