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Amazon Fulfillment Center – Etna, OH

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Bone Dry Seals Concrete Flooring for Leading eCommerce Retailer

Amazon is far and away the leader in the online retail industry, and when they built a new fulfillment center in Ohio, they turned to Bone Dry Products to ensure their administrative flooring would be protected against moisture damage. Moisture seeping through the structure to the surface of large concrete substrates like those at Amazon’s fulfillment centers can create dangerous work environments. Concrete moisture can also damage machinery and any materials in contact with the floor. High moisture readings in the administrative section of the fulfillment center prompted the construction company to seek quality mitigation solutions from Bone Dry.

Bone Dry Products Seal Large Construction Projects

With over 25 fulfillment centers around the United States, Amazon’s warehousing facilities cover a lot of ground. Bone Dry’s line of concrete sealers provide the extensive coverage needed for large-scale jobs. Our sealers provide around 220 square feet of coverage per gallon, depending on concrete porosity, and are compatible with any type of floor covering.

Bone Dry Pro’s complete sealing system comes with a 20-year warranty and is perfect for sealing projects of over 2,000 square feet. Bone Dry Pro allows flooring to be installed on treated concrete substrates as early as six hours after the application and has antimicrobial additives, keeping your flooring free from mold.

Concrete Moisture Mitigation Products and Surface Preparation Solutions

Bone Dry carries a full line of concrete sealing and preparation products to eliminate or minimize the damaging effects of moisture. From primers to etching compounds, to surface sealers and coating products, our line of moisture mitigation solutions will accommodate the needs of any concrete pouring or sealing project. Concrete treatment products include:

Learn more about Bone Dry concrete treatment products and our industry-leading warranty online.