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Southwestern General Hospital - Cleveland, OH

Southwest General Hospital

Product: Bone Dry Pro

Floor Covering: Sheet Vinyl

Growing Hospital Must Expand

From its humble beginnings as a 32 bed community hospital, Southwest General Hospital has grown to serve the burgeoning population of Cleveland’s suburbs. When it came time to expand into a modern, 358 bed facility, a massive construction operation began.

Like healthcare, speed is of the essence for construction.

Unfortunately, modern construction schedules don’t leave enough time for concrete to cure. If vinyl flooring is installed over new concrete floors before they have a chance to cure, moisture will be a problem. Not only did the concrete floor in Southwest General Hospital’s expansion need to be ready for the flooring contractors quickly, it also needed to be disinfected to prevent microbes from growing under the vinyl.

Moisture Mitigation Products Keep Construction on Time

There are many products designed to prevent moisture related flooring failures. Two part epoxies are a common solution, but have several drawbacks. They are expensive, have no warranty and take days to install. Bone Dry Pro is an economical, fast, warrantied permanent concrete sealant.

If your crew can use a garden sprayer, they can seal concrete with Bone Dry Pro.

Unless your slab has been hard troweled, all you need to do is pour Bone Dry Pro into an airless sprayer and apply it to the concrete surface. The Bone Dry Pro will penetrate the concrete, filling voids and bonding with free lime. Under ideal conditions, the concrete will be ready for flooring in six hours.

Permanent Concrete Waterproofing Sealer Also Densifies, Hardens and Disinfects

Besides allowing construction to continue on time, Bone Dry Pro offers several additional benefits to contractors. As it works to permanently waterproof the concrete, it also causes the concrete to harden and densify, providing an even stronger slab.

Bone Dry Pro is also antibacterial, making it perfect for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Southwest General Hospital’s flooring contractor was able to install their new vinyl flooring without worrying about moisture causing the glue to emulsify and fail. Backed with a 20 year warranty against moisture related failures, Southwest General Hospital can count on many years of services from its new expansion’s flooring.

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