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Bone Dry Manufactures Concrete Etching and Priming Products

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Concrete preparation products play a big role in the effectiveness of any concrete sealing solution. Hard-troweled concrete surfaces often require etching with Etch-A-Crete in order to allow the penetration of concrete sealing products. Extra porous cement-based building materials require Bone Dry Primer to provide additional bonding strength and improve the performance of penetrating concrete sealers.

Low-VOC Concrete Etching Solution by Bone Dry Products

Etch-A-Crete Opens Pores in Hard-Troweled Concrete

Concrete Etching Product for Sale

Remove Impurities and Contaminants from Concrete Slabs

Etch-A-Crete allows penetrating concrete sealers to absorb quickly in to cement-based floors. Our solution opens the surface and prepares hard-troweled surfaces for waterproofing.  Etch-A-Crete provides an etched surface which enhances the bonding strength of adhesives and surface coatings.

Concrete Sealant Preparation for Highly Porous Concrete

Bone Dry Primer Enhances Bonding in Porous Substrates

Concrete Preparation Product for Sale

High permeability, mineral-based construction materials require pre-treatment solutions in order to get the most out of any concrete sealer. Shotcrete, Gunite, or cement block walls can’t be effectively sealed without a primer solution to enhance the product’s bonding characteristics. Bone Dry Primer lends greater bonding strength for penetrating sealers like Bone Dry Original.

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