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How does BONE DRY seal concrete?

Silicate products have been used to seal concrete for many years. The 3 silicates in Bone Dry react with the calcium hydroxide present in all concrete, a result of the hydration (curing) process. The result of this chemical reaction is calcium silicate hydrate, which fills the small pores and hairline cracks to permanently seal the concrete internally.

Why does BONE DRY work better than other so-called penetrating sealers?

The secret to effectively sealing concrete with any silicate based material is to get the silicate to access as much of the free lime and alkali present within all concrete.

How is BONE DRY applied?

For large areas, low pressure airless backpack spray equipment is very efficient. For medium sized jobs, a simple hand pumped garden type sprayer can be used. Bone Dry can also be applied with a brush or roller in confined areas. 

How long do I have to wait before I can walk on the concrete slab after BONE DRY has been applied?

You can work on the slab almost immediately. This creates minimal downtime on your job. Be careful as the concrete will be slippery.

Are there any temperature minimums or maximums for the concrete?

Yes. Bone Dry should be applied to clean, damp concrete at temperatures ranging from above freezing (40 degrees recommended) up to a maximum of about 90 degrees for a minimum 24 hour period.

Is BONE DRY compatible with all adhesives and skim coatings for both carpet VCT and wood floor adhesives?

Yes, Bone Dry is compatible with all types of skim coatings and adhesives.

How soon after the concrete is poured/finished may your product be applied?

 There are many variables when applying Bone Dry to green concrete. Please contact us to discuss your project.  

What effect does temperature play with respect to how well the Bone Dry will work?

As sealing concrete with Bone Dry is a chemical reaction, one could expect that this process would be retarded by cold and freezing temperatures. Although the reaction may take somewhat longer in cold temperatures, the resultant seal will be every bit as effective as when the material is applied during average temperatures.

Will the product work faster or create a dryer slab if the temperature is above a certain threshold?

“Room temperature” would be ideal and the product will work a little faster under these conditions; but no, the concrete will not be dryer. The Bone Dry has a voracious affinity for the calcium hydroxide and will find it regardless of the temperature, aside from freezing, as we explained above.

How is BONE DRY packaged?

Bone Dry products are packaged in one and five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.